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DSC00701The long hard winter of 2009/10 threw up a number of challenges for winter games clubs and their groundsmen, not least the threat from frost and a resulting loss of fixtures. This proved a common theme across the country, with significant financial and competitive repercussions for many frost-bound clubs unable to make play.

Finding the right solution to protect your pitch from frost can be equally problematic. State-of the-art underground heating systems are prohibitively expensive, while many 'frost protection covers' can cause unwanted side effects because they fail to allow the pitch to breathe.

The Total Growth Cover (TGC) from total-play offers advanced frost protection for natural turf winter sports surfaces - with the added benefit that it actually enhances seed germination whilst it protects from frost. Not only will you have a pitch that's ready for play in frosty conditions, with some configurations offering play-ready surfaces down to -6°c, but will also have a healthier, well grown pitch that's better able to withstand the rigours of the game and finish the season in good shape.

Part of the Climate Cover range of advanced sports surface protection products, the key to the TGC's remarkable properties lies in the extensive research that has gone into its design. While acting as an insulation system, it also allows water and air movement to create proven germination and propagation environment. This means that, where inferior frost protection sheets may stunt growth, TGC dramatically speeds the plant establishment period while also offering protection from pests and other adverse climatic conditions.

As the system has been developed by groundsmen for groundsmen, usability has not been forsaken in the name of science. TGC is constructed from High Density Polyethylene, specially selected for its durability and handling qualities, its pliability making it easy to handle even in the coldest conditions. Systems can be finished with hems and eyeleted or with a stitched edge depending on individual requirements and, when used in conjunction with and inflation tube, even large covers can be deployed by one person.

Suitable for football, hockey, rugby and cricket pitches in addition to race courses and tennis courts the system has been proven by a diverse range of clients. Among those already reaping the benefits are premier league football grounds, race courses and the Lawn Tennis Association.

Carrying a five year fabric warranty and offering year-round benefits, TGC covers also represent true value for money. A full pitch can be covered from as little as £7,735 with interest free payment terms available, subject to status. For more information on TGC and the full range of Climate Cover products, visit www.climatecover.co.uk or, to discuss your individual needs in more detail, call 01604 864575.

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