Airforce restores Windsor

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By Carol Dutton

Windsor Race Course is set for its first meeting following Saltex, thanks to swift remedial treatment to relieve compaction.TerrSaltexrepaired.jpg

"Airforce", Terrain Aeration's hydraulic terralift machine, swung into action 16 hours after the show officially closed, injecting compressed air and dried, milled seaweed particles into the two course crossing areas which had been covered by aluminium track 14 days previously.

" Once the aluminium was lifted we were faced with two metre wide scars of sunken, blackened grass, seared across the otherwise immaculate emerald green turf," recalls David Green Terrain Aeration's MD.

The company, who had been camping out in a caravan during the show, while Airforce remained dormant on their stand, treated the areas, inserting the machine's probe 500 times at two metre spacings before backfilling with Lytag to keep the vertical drainage channels open. The only glitch in the operation occurred when two wayward vehicles, one tractor and one lorry, escaped the barriers and drove over freshly de-compacted ground, dictating a repeat of the aeration process.


David MacKinnon, who has been Windsor Race Course manager for just over three years, says he is happy with what Terrain Aeration has done. "It's highly likely that "Airforce" will be back to repeat the operation next year," he commented.

For further information on the deep aeration treatment offered by Terrain Aeration, contact the company on Tel: 01449 673783 or e-mail
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