All-round versatility with Wessex rotary

Tony Hawkinsin Machinery & Mechanics

Wessex AR 0614
Wessex AR rotary mowers have proved themselves to be robust and durable machines, ideal for private estates, farms and studs.

Available in 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.8m working widths and with a variety of engine sizes to choose from they make an ideal mower for regularly mown grass areas and fine turf work but are equally well-suited to general pasture topping.

In standard format the AR has side mounted wheels which allow ground contours to be accurately cut without scalping.

If there is a requirement to mow close to borders or fences there is an optional rear wheel configuration on the 1.2m and 1.5m models.

On these versions, with the wheels behind the machine, the weight on the ball hitch is greatly increased and the towing vehicle must have adequate weight capacity on the draw bar.

To compensate, there is a third wheel option which transfers the weight onto its own wheels leaving a floating tow bar. The drawbar can be easily offset to one side, allowing the machine to cover one track of the towing vehicle.

The vehicle itself can be an ATV, UTV or 4 x 4. All models feature three overlapping rotors to eliminate uncut strips of grass and there are rigid cutter bar blades for greater durability.

The height of cut, between 25mm and 140mm, is set by raising or lowering the wheels by means of a spring loaded pin mechanism on the wheel brackets. A turn buckle on the drawbar allows the machine to be levelled at any cutting height.

The drive is transmitted to the rotors via two V-belts and a centrifugal clutch. All round, these easy to operate, versatile mowers are a great solution where you have a variety of areas to be cut.

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