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Once autumn leaves start to fall there always seems to be only a narrow window of opportunity to clean up. Wind and rain add to the task of clearing and maintaining municipal and amenity areas, car parks, paths and drives.

It's a fact that councils, contractors and groundsmen all over Britain have long been armed with BroomEx sweepers to get the job done swiftly. There's a complete range of professional and semi-professional machines to cover all tasks. If you want one machine to do all, look to the PS, PT and PH model designations and you have power brooms that will take on all the winter clear-up jobs with, in addition to a variety of brushes, a range of attachments including a leaf pusher, snow blade and snow chains.

So once the autumn leaves have been cleared you're ready to deal with snowfalls using the same machine. There's no shovelling or scraping while you walk behind the BroomEx on a clean, swept path, with the rotating brush effortlessly sweeping the snow to either side, ready for the application of salt de-icer. The BroomEx PH models offer hydro-static all-wheel drive and the power to work in the harshest conditions.

These are built-for-life hydraulic sweeping machines available in 100cm and 120 cm working widths, ideal for professionals who need a broom that will take the punishment while rewarding the user with speed, ease of use and hydrostatic transmission for maximum versatility. The PH range features the fastest of the BroomEx pedestrian sweepers.

With Honda power they cover up to 4,900 and 5,800 square metres per hour respectively, with a driving speed of 3mph (4.9 km/hr) and the drive includes reverse. For contractors, construction sites, private estates and more occasional use the semi-professional range offers several models to meet the varying levels of requirement.

Wessex say the best way to see the benefits of BroomEx is to ask for a demonstration. Wessex International: 01264 345870

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