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Time and labour saving, BroomEx pedestrian sweepers take the hard work out of maintaining any area from gardens and footpaths to construction and industrial sites.

The BroomEx semi-professional sweepers have the ability to remove stubborn muck and moss, perfect for private use in courtyards and gardens.

The zero turn version is simple to operate and, turning easily through 360 degrees, it's ideal for use on narrow pathways and in tight working areas.

There is also a semi professional model, the PS-80 that is built for long distances and large surfaces.

A powerful machine with 4-stage height adjustable handlebars, it also features adjustable brush pressure and multi-step brush speed which is ideal for snow clearance and use in grain stores and construction sites.

Take it up a notch and there are the professional hydraulic BroomEx sweepers, designed for heavy contracting and professional use in the harshest conditions.

These built-for-life machines are available in 100cm and 120cm working widths and are the fastest BroomEx pedestrian sweepers. With permanent hydrostatic all-wheel drive you can power through the work and let the Honda engines take the strain, covering up to 4,900 and 5,800 square metres per hour respectively with a driving speed of 3mph (4.9 km/hr) and the drive includes reverse.

The variable brush speed is operated from the working position and the handlebars are seven stage height- adjustable with multi-function hand levers for maximum control.

Brush pressure is also adjustable. BroomEx sweepers come finished in high quality three layer lacquered paintwork, similar to the finish used in the automotive industry, to take all the hard knocks and stand up to the punishment of contracting and hire work.

What is equally exceptional is the range of accessories available for BroomEx: collector boxes, a water spray kit, snow blades and chains, leaf pushers, and heavy-duty bristles that scrub the ground to remove stubborn debris.

Add all this together with the machines being highly manoeuvrable, and totally versatile, and you're ready to power up to clear everything all-year round, from leaves and litter to gravel and snow.

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