Celtic Manor cuts it fine for Wales Open

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Celtic Manor cuts it fine for Wales Open

By Maureen Keepin


CREATING world-wide attention, all was in hand for the prestigious Wales Open to take place at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.

Sitting on top of a valley ridge, this Robert Trent Jones Jnr's inspired course will host the Ryder Cup Matches in 2010.

Carefully checking the cutting units used for preparing the Wales Open, Robin Godefroy - from grinding experts Bernhard and Company - lent assistance to the Resort's team.

"I went to the Resort at the end of May to make sure Jim McKenzie, Director of Golf and CourseBERNJIM-WALESOPEN.jpg

All was in hand for this PGA European Tour event and the height of cut was taken down to 3.25mm.

More than 120 mowers are used at the event, including Toro Flex 21 greens units.

"Good greens are vital as they are the shop window of the golf course, " says Head Mechanic at the Resort, Cal Callaby.

Tough schedule

Work started at 5am and ended at 10am - with 45 staff, including the garden crew, carefully tending the course and grounds.
"Early season tournaments are a bit of a problem as there is no time to train people up so we just use them to rake the bunkers and divot," says Jim McKenzie. "There are 20 full-time greenkeepers but by the time six guys cut the greens, four cut the fairways and some are used to set up the course, suddenly you have nobody spare for any issues which might arise."

The Celtic Manor Resort uses in-house grinding facilities equipped with Bernhard Express Dual and Anglemaster 3000 grinders and the Rapid Facer.
"Super sharp blades with no-contact set-up gives far better definition to stripes and a truer ball roll," says Jim.

Final height of cut on the greens was 2.25mm - the lowest ever.
"Players like to play as close to death as possible," says Jim, "and they are loving it."

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