Croke Park Turf Farm - from seed to harvest

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Watch below how Croke Park's turf farm, in North Dublin developed from seed to first harvest this year, when the newly grown turf was laid in Croke Park following the Westlife concert.

The 67-acre farm - which was purchased after inspecting various potential sites - was used for livestock grazing for years.

"We have been using turf from the UK for many years in Croke Park and we travelled over to see the turf." Stuart Wilson - Croke Park's pitch manager explained.

"After the visit in 2017, we thought that we could do it ourselves in Ireland."

A 'cut and fill' process was carried out with a view to improving levels and drainage; an irrigation system was also installed.

2 Gaelic pitches

The field - which is 40,000 square meters - can grow enough turf for two Gaelic pitches, according to Wilson.

The rest of the fields are being used for growing maize. "At the present time, we are growing 5,000 square meters for this year's concerts."

The turf will be harvested, transported to Croke Park and laid within 2-3 hours. "It should speed everything up for us and we will have a lot more control over the quality of the turf."

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