Ferro is Top choice for Jordans

Chris Bassettin Contractor News

Jordans Sports Ground Solutions has reported excellent results from using Compo Expert's Ferro Top specialty fertiliser, after applying it at several top-class sports venues.

Jordans Sports Ground Solutions has reported excellent results from using Compo Expert's Ferro Top

From day-to-day maintenance to end of season renovations to new constructions; Jordans Sports Grounds Solutions provides a range of sports turf services throughout the South East and down to the South Coast. The business has rapidly expanded over the past few years and currently employs eleven highly skilled members of staff.

Owner Ian Jordan carefully selects the products and equipment to be used by the team: "As a contractor we always do the best we can for the client and choosing the correct products for their turf within budget is crucial," he said.

Last year, with a harsh winter approaching, Ian started searching for a suitable product and he knew exactly what he was looking for.

"I was on the hunt for an iron-based product which would harden the sward and give us some colour through the winter," he said. "I came across Ferro Top on the Agrovista Amenity website and spoke in more detail about the product with Andrew Norman (Amenity Specialist). We are gradually increasing the number of products we are using from Agrovista Amenity and Andrew gave his opinion on Ferro Top. Based on his feedback, I decided to give it a go."

Agrovista Amenity is the exclusive national distributor of Compo Expert's turf products in the UK and is seeing an increasing demand for the innovative fertilisers. A popular choice with many turf managers is Ferro Top, which is an iron specialty fertiliser with high levels of potash and magnesium as well as manganese to promote quality, resistance, and colour. The fine granulation ensures perfect sward penetration.

Ferro Top also ensures quick greening without a flush of growth, displaces moss, and protects against new settlements which is particularly important in winter to spring.

Ian decided to use Ferro Top on a range of sports turf surfaces including the stadium pitches at Gillingham FC, Dartford FC, Ebbsfleet FC and on three croquet lawns, two tennis courts, and a cricket square at Dulwich Sports Club.

Ferro Top was applied to all the sites at the start of December and Ian revealed that he plans on using it more extensively going forward.

Cosmetic appeal at this sort of level is key and approximately 7-10 days after we applied it, we thought wow! The grass went whoosh and the colour it produced was fantastic. This was the biggest impact; it made the grass look very healthy.

"What I also like about this product is that it seems to kick back into life when the turf has been cut - it just seems to really bring the colour out each time. We have all been very impressed with Ferro Top. Now we know its capabilities we will certainly be using it more," continued Ian. "I think next winter we will look to apply it, depending on weather, in November and go with a second application in January."

Ian was also quick to praise the assistance and technical knowledge he receives from Andrew Norman: "Both the delivery and customer service are very good from Agrovista Amenity, and Andrew has always been available if I need to talk to him about any of our requirements."

For more information about Agrovista UK, visit www.agrovista.co.uk/amenity