Grasshopper rescues RECO from slippery situation

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snow 004.jpgWhilst other companies were left struggling with the wintry weather conditions last week, it was business as usual for RECO who used one of the most unlikely pieces of machinery to transform their snow-covered yard back into a safe environment.

The Grasshopper out-front mower - complete with leaf blower attachment -helped to clear the yard and car parking area for the company during the heavy snowfall that the UK encountered throughout the week.

The Grasshopper 928 out-front mower is one of the most versatile machines on the market today, with several different accessories available to help out with a range of different jobs throughout all four seasons of the ygrasshopper blower clearing snow.jpgear.

In Spring, the Aerovator attachment can be used to 'breathe life into turf' as it aerates lawns, football pitches, recreation grounds etc. Summer is probably the most obvious season to use a mower, but in addition to the usual grass cutting duties, the Grasshopper zero-turn offers a 1.4m heavy duty flail deck for cutting heavy rough. Autumn brings falling leaves and with that, a need for the Turbine leaf blower and Powervac Collector attachments.

Autumn is also the time to dethatch turf, for which the Sweepster attachment is perfect. Finally Winter comes around again and in addition to the leaf blower which was demonstrated in the wintry weather last week, the Sweepster is also an ideal implement for clearing paths of snow.

Grasshopper out-front zero-turns - much more than just a mower!

For more information about the Grasshopper range and attachments call RECO on 01480 455151 or visit

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