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Greens Care 32 is a non-hazardous ISO 32 viscosity grade oil for use in general purpose hydraulic systems and is a direct replacement for petroleum based hydraulic fluids. It is formulated with special additive chemistry for superior performance, meeting and exceeding the requirements for Type I, II and III hydraulic tools.

Greens Care 46 is based on natural ester base fluid technology and is a non-hazardous ISO 46/SAE 10W300 viscosity grade hydraulic oil with excellent low and high temperature properties and superior anti-wear characteristics. Similarly Greens Care 68 has all the benefits of Greens Care 46, but with a higher viscosity to ISO 68/SAE 5W40.

All Greens Care oils are available in 19 litre (5 gallon) and 208 litre (55 gallon) containers.

For users who wish to move over to a more environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil, Ransomes Jacobsen has introduced Greens Care BioFlush, a purpose-designed fluid which helps to flush and remove petroleum based fluid from hydraulic systems, while conditioning the internal pipe work and parts in preparation for biodegradable oils.

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