Hedgehog highways and houses built by groundsmen at Ipswich School for Suffolk Wildlife Trust campaign

Emily Townsendin Conservation & Ecology

Gardeners are doing their bit to help Ipswich become the most hedgehog-friendly town in Britain.

Two members of Ipswich School's grounds team, Paul Cole and Terry Gillam, have been working hard to create a habitat for the animals by making the most of woodland and wildlife at the school's boarding house.

They have created six hedgehog houses as well as log piles.

Gaps in fences have also been made to help the hedgehogs make the most of their environment.

The project backs Suffolk Wildlife Trust's campaign to reverse a major decline in hedgehog numbers.

The trust's hedgehog officer, Ali North, said: "It's brilliant to have Ipswich School on board with our project - hedgehogs can roam around 2km in a night, so need large expanses of connected habitat to survive.

She added: "The creation of hedgehog highways - ground level fence holes around the size of a CD case - are the perfect way of giving hedgehogs access to gardens, and will go a long way in helping them thrive in a town environment."

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