How To series - set points for internal line marking

Lee Williamsin Technical

Continuing on from the 3:4:5 triangle in our How To series, Dave Saltman show you how to mark in your set point for internal line marking.

  • First find the centre of the goal line and mark
  • Once your centre point is in, you will need to put marks in for your boxes. Relevant measurements can be found via The FA Guide to Pitch and Goalpost Dimensions. Download here
  • Peg your tape measure in the centre measure your required measurement either side - keeping the tape tight
  • Now, find the centre point on the touch line for your halfway line and mark
  • You will also need to put the relevant measurements and marks in for your boxes
  • Repeat this process on the opposite lines
  • Using all the marks, it is now time to string them all in ready to mark out. (Remember to make sure your strings are nice and tight)
  • Before marking out, it is always good practice just to check the strings to make sure they are straight, and nothing has been kicked out
  • Once all the boxes are marked in, move your string to the centre points on the goal lines
  • Using the string through the centre of the pitch you can now mark in your centre spot, penalty spots and on larger pitches the arcs and centre circle

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