How To series - step by step guide to replacing a sprinkler

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We continue our How To series in the irrigation sector. Wesley Henshaw, National Golf Sales Manager for K.A.R. UK Ltd, gives a step by step guide on how to replace a sprinkler.

Quick checklist:

  • Remove the turf around the sprinkler
  • Dig out the surrounding dirt, taking care to ensure you don't disturb any of the cables
  • Ensure the system is depressurised and screw off the sprinkler
  • Isolate the pump station before opening the drain valve to kill the system pressure (you should see zero bar on the dial)
  • Isolate the tank so that it doesn't drain down by gravity
  • Cut away the decoder (to keep the wiring out of the way) before twisting off the sprinkler
  • Remove the top elbow and give it a clean then unscrew the old PTFE
  • In most instances you will need a BSP to ACME adaptor. Tape the elbow and fit the adaptor before screwing it back on the pipe. (You don't need PTFE on the top of the below as it's sealed by an O ring).
  • Twist the sprinkler back on
  • Strip the cables to wire the decoder to the new sprinkler and add direct burial connectors
  • Set the sprinkler to the desired height and backfill the soil. Ensure the cables are tucked close to the sprinkler and not under any tension
  • When the turf is back in place, set the start and stop values on the head
  • Re-open the tank and turn on the pump to re-pressurise the system
  • Test the sprinkler to ensure everything is working correctly

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