How To series - The importance of using the correct sprinkler nozzle

Lee Williamsin Technical

The How To Series moves onto Irrigation for this next video. Wes Henshaw, National Golf Sales Manager for K.A.R. UK Ltd, talks us through the importance of using the correct nozzle in a sprinkler head.

Quick checklist:

  • Take out the riser to determine which colour nozzle is in the sprinkler
  • Revert to the fact sheet for all the specs and operating pressures associated with the nozzle
  • Measure existing spacings
  • Change the nozzle in order to achieve desired coverage radius (if required)
  • Check the pressure is set to the correct bar to ensure you get the required performance
  • Put the sprinkler back together and check the pressure with a gauge out in the field

All the information provided is transferrable across all sprinkler types.

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