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Manchester City1.JPGManchester City Football Club has credited Barenbrug's BAR 50 SOS with improving grass coverage at its main stadium pitch.

The Premier League club tried the rapid turf repair mixture as part of its winter repairs programme after the poor weather took its toll on the pitch. As deputy head groundsman Lee Jackson explains: "The pitch has been through a lot - an even harsher winter than usual and last summer wasn't great either - so we tried BAR 50 SOS and we've been really impressed."

Bred by Barenbrug Research specifically for its cool soil temperature germination and quick and superior establishment, BAR 50 SOS is ideal for football pitch mid-season renovation programmes where temperature is the decisive factor. Central to the blend's success is the inclusion of 4IR-1 annual ryegrass, which germinated in temperatures as low as three degrees centigrade in trials.

Sure enough, the mixture produced the performance results Lee was looking for in spite of the low temperatures at the time of sowing. "We've achieved improved grass coverage across the whole pitch that's worn well, so the seed certainly did the job," he continues.

"In fact, we've got a far higher percentage of grass cover than we had last year and are getting a lot more use out of the pitch too this season due to our involvement in the UEFA Cup. Both myself and head groundsman Roy Rigby are very pleased with the results."

For further information on BAR 50 SOS, call Barenbrug on 01359 272000 or email to request a free product leaflet. Alternatively, the leaflet can be downloaded from

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