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Tanks for Banks

WS Sprayer Cutout
ATV's and UTV's make ideal partners for weed spraying and fertilising, given their manoeuvrability and all-terrain abilities, especially on banks. It follows then that no matter how careful you may be, the nature of the work calls for a heavy-duty sprayer. You will also want all the features needed to get the job done accurately and efficiently, with ease of use a main consideration.

Wessex international have been building their ATV mounted SS Sprayers since the early days of quads being used in agriculture and groundscare and today's sprayers make an ideal choice for busy landscapers and farmers.

Take the tank. It's rotomoulded for maximum strength and rounded to prevent slopping along banks and rough terrain, with its 55 litre capacity and a choice of pump options to suit the width of boom required. All booms are kept within the width of the ATV to prevent snagging and damage, and a combination of standard and offset nozzles with anti-drip valves ensure an even spray of chemical up to 5m in width. The booms themselves are height adjustable. Whilst you can spray large areas quickly you can still have precise control to maintain a sterile strip or deal with a wildlife conservation area and the hand lance provides the facility for spot spraying. The provision of a 5m hose allows for spot spraying away from the tank.

For moving and mounting the tank itself there are moulded handles for ease of lifting. A whale pump is used in the sprayers, delivering between 3.8 litres per minute up to 18 litres per minute, depending on your choice of model, with a choice of three pump sizes. Other features include anti-drip valves, a moulded hose wrap, lance clips and brass quick-release fittings.

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