Leeds RFC impressed by Swing Wing

David Batesin Rugby

The Graden 'Swing Wing' working well at Headingley Rugby Ground

By David Bates


'After recently using the Graden 'Swing Wing' for our annual renovation work, I feel that I have to write to express how hugely impressed I have been by the machine!

At first I was sceptical of using anything other than a conventional scarifier. However after you recommended and seeing the Graden video at the BTME show I can now confirm I will be using nothing else but the Graden 'Swing Wing' from now on.

The machine was attached with 3mm blades at 50mm spacing. We simply altered the blades to a Leedsdebris.jpg

After removing the debris with a tractor-mounted brush the surface was left very clean. There was no tearing or heaving to the surface and we removed more than twice the amount of rubbish than in previous years'.

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