March Tennis Diary 2003

Chris Parryin Tennis

The March Tennis Diary

By Chris Parry

Carry on the regime of either drag brushing or switching your courts, to disperse dew and any worm casts.

Now into March temperatures will start to rise, still could have the odd frost scare, but it might be time to start cutting the grass. This operation will also lightly roll the surface, helping to firm, if using a cylinder type mower.

Over-seed and top dress any sparse or bare areas and level in any low spots, with suitable loam dressing.

Apply fertiliser if required.

Aerate if necessary. Use small/needle tines or slits.

Check for pests and diseases and treat accordingly if deemed problematic.

Check equipment and machinery after winter service, adjust heights of cuts etc. If you haven't done so already get your machinery in for its winter service.

If you haven't already done so, check surrounding fences, nets and posts etc in readiness for the start of the season.

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