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image001.jpgDlf trifoilium's partnership with Becker Underwood, the producers of Turfguard and global specialists in biological solutions, has resulted in a unique and effective new seed treatment that could improve the performance and value of your next overseeding operation.

By placing the coating directly onto the seed Growmax provides vital nutrients to the emerging seedling and stimulates the soils natural micro-flora, resulting in improved root growth and turf establishment, stress tolerance, and enhanced water and nutrient uptake.

GrowMax has been designed to work in harmnony with Turfguard's unique root boosting capability and the superior cultivars in the Johnsons sports seed range for even greater results!

  • Increased speed of establishment
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Improved stress tolerance
  • Enhanced water and nutrient uptake
  • Shorter lead times from sowing to play

What is ?

Humic acids

  • Rich in auxin type substances which enhance antioxidant synthesis - important in increasing plant metabolism under stress conditions.
  • Serve as important high carbon food source for soil microorganisms.
  • Improve the permeability of cell wall membranes in roots allowing more rapid absorption of essential nutrients

Seaweed Extract

  • Contains high levels of cytokinins which promote cell division and lateral root growth, and delay the aging process of plant tissue.
  • Stimulates root growth after damage by disease or root feeding insects, or under conditions of temperature, water or salt stress.


  • Serves as high energy food source for plant and soil microorganisms

B-Complex and K Vitamins

  • Act as important catalysts to enhance and drive plant metabolism. Vitamin B1 is widely used as a rooting aid.

Amino acids

  • Form the building blocks of proteins - essential for plant growth and metabolism.


  • Plays a vital role in disease resistance and overall hardiness of grass plants.

Product responses

sand-based root zone

image005.jpg image007.jpg

Red Fescue

Control Growmax + Turfguard

Perennial RyeGrass

Control Growmax + Turfguard

This unique combined seed treatment is now available exclusively on the Johnsons sports seed range, including the new Johnsons "J Premier Pitch"
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Contact: Derek Smith, Amenity Sales Manager, Dlf & Johnsons seed, Tel: 01386 791102 Email: for more information and a free Johnsons seed catalogue.

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