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Mitox270MT.jpgTwo new products launched at the Rochford GM specialist dealer exhibition day in Sparkford, Somerset in October, were the new Mitox 4 in 1 multi-tool and a new long-reach hedge trimmer. Already popular with the specialist dealer network, the Mitox range offers high quality products, all with full crank 2 stroke engines, at remarkably competitve prices, and the new 270MT Multi-Tool and 265LRH Long Reach Hedgetrimmer are no exception.

The 270MT offers a full crank 25.4cc power unit, developed over the past 5 years by Mitox and used on the popular 260L brush cutter. Attachments supplied are a grass trimmer / brush cutter attachment, a 40cm articulating hedge trimmer attachment, and a 25cm (10") pole pruner attachment, providing a high quality complete garden care solution at a very competitive price of £254.47 + VAT. Attachments are fitted by an easy to use aluminium coupling, and drive is provided by a solid steel splined shaft inside the heavy duty 28mm drive tube. An optional 1.5m extension tube is also available.

The 265LRH also utilises the proven 25.4cc engine, matched to an articulated 40cm double sided, double reciprocating blade set. A single quick release lever allows articulation through multiple positions. The 265LRH answers dealer demands for a quality, competitively priced long reach hedge trimmer, with a retail price of £186.38 + vat. Additionally Mitox will offer an optional 25cm (10") pruner, and a brushcutter kit.

Mitox dealers can these new models immediately online at, where full spare parts, images and videos are accessible for all Mitox products. For more information, dealers can call 01963 828006 or visit

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