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This unique organic Lawn Fertiliser feeds the grass, destroys the moss and leaves no black debris.

The bacteria in MO Bacter (launched in the UK at SALTEX last September) digests the dead moss, removing the need for raking.

Produced by "Green Comfort" specialists Viano of Belgium, the slow-release granular fertiliser eradicates moss by secondary action, feeds grass (for three months) and improves the soil. Scarifying after treatment is not necessary.

Moss dies from an excess of potassium within a few weeks but leaves no black debris. The dead moss is then digested by the bacteria in MO Bacter (npk: 5-5-20). The bacteria in MO Bacter becomes active when the soil temperature reaches 10degC.

As you can see from our pictures, a moss-infested lawn was treated on April 25 - and by May 16 the grass was clear of moss . . . with debris gone.

West Sussex gardener Tim Howe, of Pulborough, wrote: "I was quite astounded by the results. The moss turned brown within a couple of weeks and a week later it was gone. We are delighted that we did not have to do any raking and now have a healthy green lawn."

Leading UK professional groundsman Eddie Seaward said he had tested MO Bacter and found it to be "very effective and very efficient."

MO Bacter is best applied in spring and early summer (or again in early autumn) for best results and is supplied in 20 kilo bags.

One kilogram treats 10 square metres, so a bag will be enough to treat 200 square metres. The long-term fertiliser benefits give three-months of complete nutrients for the grass.
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Surrey-based DJ Turfcare is the sole UK distributor of Viano. In trials two inches of moss was virtually eliminated in six months, with no need for scarifying to remove debris. And stonework was completely unmarked.

"This product will revolutionise the way moss is treated on grass near stonework," says David Jenkins, managing director of DJ Turfcare.

MO Bacter is unique as a moss eliminator because moss does not go black but is digested by the bacteria. Lawns are left free of debris and there is no need to scarify. Grassed areas will be fed evenly over a three-month period.

It is harmless to animals and wildlife and will not damage border plants. Paths and stonework are unmarked.

*MO Bacter, which is granular, is available for both professional and domestic users.

To order Mo Bacter Fertiliser, please visit the Pitchcare Shop.

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