Moors Valley charity loaned tractor after theft

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A charity that gives rides to elderly people and disabled youngsters has been loaned a replacement tractor after its own vehicle was stolen.

The specially adapted tractor that was stolen (pictured) was used to give rides to elderly residents from nursing homes and other visitors with mobility issues

Dorset Council stepped in to help East Dorset Heritage Trust after the theft from Moors Valley Country Park near Ringwood.

The John Deere tractor had been adapted to give rides to visitors with mobility issues around the park.

It was taken last week and its trailer was later found damaged.

Matthew Reeks, the council's community and open spaces manager, said: "We were very disappointed to hear of this criminal act."

"One of the joys of Moors Valley Country Park is the ability to get close to nature and for people with limited mobility, the scheme East Dorset Heritage Trust provides is very much valued."

"We have pledged to provide the trust with one of our tractors to allow the rides around the park to continue."

"We very much hope the stolen tractor is recovered, but until then, we'll do all we can to help."

Police are investigating the theft. No arrests have been made.

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