Muck-truck say ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.’

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SED1a.jpgIn 1994 Designer and manufacturer Terry Rowlands came up with the idea of a pedestrian dumper truck for use by constructors, landscapers, hire
companies and homeowners.

The unit would have a cavernous tipping hopper that could be removed and replaced by a range of useful accessories. It would be compact so passage
through a standard doorway was possible and it would be powered by the reliable easy-starting Honda engine.

Fourteen years later the Muck-Truck has proven to be the benchmark by which other manufacturers measure their product, and manufacturers
producing similar products seem to be in no short supply.

The number of copy products hitting the market with amazing regularity bemuses Terry Rowlands, now Managing Director of Muck-truck UK based in
Cornwall. He says, "I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but there are pedestrian dumpers now out there produced by so many rival companies
including the US and now even China." Terry added, "However non-has matched the quality and innovation of our original.

We have many years more experience than our rivals. Muck-truck quality and reliability offers our customers a unique opportunity to boost productivity and prove a sound investment on site."

At Muck-truck, emphasis has been put on easy maintenance with the brake and belt adjustments not requiring any removal of covers and all engine
maintenance including plug and air filter replacement instantly accessible.

The transmission is sealed for life and requires no servicing. When the drive belt eventually needs replacing, the work can be done in less than five
minutes without specialist tools.

A reliable easy-start 5.5hp Honda commercial engine powers the four-wheel drive ensuring maximum traction when moving loads on wet and uneven ground.

Easy-fit optional extras are also available; such as skip extensions to add 30% to the carrying capacity, of particular interest to the construction industry.

Alternatively, the standard 6cu ft (220 litre) hopper can be removed in seconds to be replaced with a flat bed capable of carrying up to120 bricks.

The flat bed also allows awkward heavy loads such as bags of cement, rolls of turf and slabs to be moved without the risk of injury.

Being only 28in (70cm) wide, the Muck-truck glides through the average doorway and is designed to be just as manoeuvrable when loaded as when
empty. A fully loaded Muck-truck will climb up to 38 degrees and will carry up to a quarter of a tonne (250kgs/550lbs).

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