Neat finish on undulating greens secures Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi6 purchase at Windlesham GC, Bagshot, Surrey

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Must have priority for Windlesham GC Course Manager, Alastair Higgs when he searched for a new deep tine aerator for the Surrey course was a machine that could readily follow ground contours

Wiedenmann Terra Spike @ Windlesham
With more than its fair share of tiered greens and his requirement for the highest quality finish, dealers T H White of Reading recommended both the Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi6 and the GXi8 HD at 1.4m and 1.8m wide respectively.

"Both machines were really great but the slightly smaller machine won out because it offered the unique three-part rear roller so more floating heads. Even coming over a severe slope it was incredibly consistent with no surface disturbance," said Alastair Higgs.

Alastair Higgs who joined the Bagshot course in 2012 is no stranger to the Terra Spike. "I've used Wiedenmann equipment at my previous two clubs and you definitely get what you pay for. You might outlay a little bit more at the beginning but superior build quality means cost-per-use it works out cheaper in the end. The latest generation of Terra Spikes is almost foolproof with a very easy set up and quality is second to none. "

T H White's Phil Beeny, grasscare sales specialist, said: "Unlike other machines on the market, the GXi has dual-belt drive with a balanced crankshaft, a sprung-loaded headstock - the VibraStop - and PowerPacks as part of the anti-shock anti-vibration system built into the machine. This adds to the longevity of the aerator, protects the tractor and, crucially, the operator. It was absolutely the right choice for Windlesham. "

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