New Agronomic Solution for Waterlogged Turf

Carol Duttonin Industry News

Water logged before Pervade.jpgFollowing heavy snowfall leaving golf courses and sports pitches suffering from standing water, Agronomic Services has produced the perfect solution for Turf Managers wanting to aerate the surfaces as soon as possible. The company recommends Pervade penetrant tank mixed with Oxy-Rush, the oxygen generator launched at Harrogate.

"Pervade will move water through the profile and pull the Oxy-Rush into the rootzone, increasing the O2 levels," says Agronomic Services' M.D. David Snowden. "Both products can then get to work, reducing black layer, algae and anaerobic conditions."

The Pervade/Oxy-Rush combination can be sprayed directly onto waterlogged turf using a lightweight spray rig.

Once weather conditions improve and aerating equipment can be safely taken onto turf, Oxy-Rush can be applied in conjunction with the Turf Manager's regular aeration programme.

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