New chart-topping perennial ryegrass varieties for winter sports pitches

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Madrid-new.jpgNew into Limagrain UK's MM range of grass seed mixtures for winter sports pitches this year are two new high scoring perennial ryegrass cultivars: Madrid and Milan.

Madrid is the top perennial ryegrass in STRI's Turfgrass Seed 2009 table for Sports Uses with a mean score of 8.4. It also has the best scores for: live ground cover, visual merit, recovery and shoot density. It also has excellent disease resistance to red thread.

Milan follows closely behind with a mean score of 7.9 putting it third place on the STRI list, with joint highest score with Madrid, for recovery, and very good disease resistance (score of 6.4).

Limagrain UK's Matt Gresty explains: "These new cultivars are included in this year's MM25 and MM60 winter sports mixtures. In addition, seed in all the MM mixtures is treated with Headstart to improve germination rates and aid successful establishment."

For more information on the MM range and the new cultivars, contact Limagrain UK (formerly Advanta Seeds) on 01522 861300.

Further information from Matt Gresty, Limagrain UK. Tel: 01522 861300. Mob: 07767 278335

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