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Mike Birdin Parks

C24 VerticutterIoG SALTEX - Blue Area, stand number A18

Exceptionall hard leading edge cuts wear rate and downtime.

Allett Mowers is now using tungsten carbide tipped blades on three of the interchangeable cartridge heads available for the Allett C20, C24 and C34 machines.

The blades are being fitted as standard to the powered scarifier and verticutter heads offered for the three Allett C-Range models and also to the powered groomer unit available as an option on the 10-bladed cutting unit for C20 and C24 mowers and for the 20in and 24in Allett Tournament fine-cut mowers.

Comprising a small, yet extremely hard insert precision-brazed to the leading edge of each vertically-rotating blade, the tungsten carbide tip is designed to extend greatly the working life of the blades, reducing machine running costs and servicing downtime.

Tests in a variety of soils have shown that a tungsten carbide tipped blade has a wear rate up to 20 times less than a standard steel blade. Actual wear rates of the new blades fitted to the scarifier, verticutter and groomer attachments for Allett machines will depend on a range of variable factors including soil type and conditions, amount of use and working depth.

Supplied at no extra cost to purchasers of optional attachments for Allett Tournament and C20, C24 and C34 models, and also to those adding to their complement of interchangeable cartridge heads for an existing Allett C-Range machine, the tungsten carbide tipped blade units are available now from Allett dealers nationwide.

Image: Allett C24 verticutter head with tungsten carbide tipped blades.

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