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Judy Ganz (2).jpgThe GTC Board recently welcomed two new members, Judy Ganz from the Golf Union of Wales and Kerran Daly, a past Chairman of BIGGA, who returns to the GTC as the BIGGA representative who has already served the GTC on the technical committee.

Both Kerran and Judy have a passion for greenkeeper training and hope that more golf club employers take an active interest in their staff development and use the programmes available through the GTC's work on qualifications and its approved training provider network.

"As a greenkeeper of some 35 years standing, the one thing that is apparent to me is that for the game to prosper, the courses it is played on must be in long-term sustainable health and presented to an ever-increasingly high standard." Kerran said. "The key element in achieving this is education of the Course Manager/Head Greenkeeper. It goes without saying that for him/her to achieve anything, then the staff must also be trained and skilful. The GTC seems to me to be the most influential body which can ensure this happens.

"Most importantly the GTC fully involves both the employer and the employee, as well as the training providers and the games governing body, the R&A. "He added. "The history of industrial relations teaches us that mutual respect and co-operation are far more productive than distrust and single-mindedness. I therefore welcome the opportunity to represent greenkeepers at the GTC and look forward to supporting the Golf Unions, the R&A and the training providers in delivering relevant and targeted education and training to an ever-increasing circle of UK golf clubs."Kerran Daly (2).jpg

The Golf Union of Wales, the first joint Union for men and women in the British Isles, came into existence on January 1 2007. "It is both my privilege and responsibility, as chair of the Golf Course Management Committee, to represent this new organization on the Greenkeepers Training Committee." Judy said. "Having spent almost all of my working life in education, I am aware of the advantages of, as well as being committed to, the furtherance of education in all walks of life, this mission clearly including all those who wish to pursue a career in greenkeeping at whatever level.

"The science of Golf Course Management grows increasingly complex by the year, greater use of facilities provides additional challenges and there is the expectation that these large areas of our beautiful countryside are managed by more sustainable methods." She added.

"If all of us involved in the promotion of golf, the National Unions, the employees representatives and the R&A are to meet these expectations and challenges, there is the need for a forum where issues can be debated and standards set. The Greenkeepers Training Committee provides such a forum." She said.

"I look forward, therefore, to representing the Golf Union of Wales in this forum. We, in Wales, have a long tradition in encouraging learning for all kinds of purposes, and I intend to ensure that through the promotion of learning and training, the golf courses in Wales become not only amongst the very best in the British Isles, but that they also provide a fulfilling environment for all who work and play on them." She added.


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