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McConnel Europe's market leading manufacturer of hedge and verge cutting machinery have launched a New Owners Club to strengthen the communication links and privileges available between McConnel, its nationwide dealership network and its loyal customer base.

The New McConnel Premier Owners Club was officially launched at the Smithfield Show in London and has already had over 500 McConnel Owners apply for the membership.

The New Premier McConnel Owners Club has been created to ensure that McConnel owners enjoy even more benefits from McConnel ' ownership. As an McConnel owner of a machine, McConnel are sure that their customers will receive many years of reliable service from both their machine and the company. However the New McConnel owners club has been set up to offer even more additional benefits that include:

• Priority status - be the first to receive new literature and press information

• Invitations to special factory open days and working demonstrations

• Opportunity to purchase ex demonstration machinery

• Open seminars to discuss product developments and ideas

• Agricultural Show invitations

• Plus many more!

To apply for membership to the McConnel Owners at no cost, simply contact your nearest McConnel dealer or phone McConnel directly on 01584 873131 and reap the benefits of premier status.

Membership of the Premier McConnel Owners Club puts you in the driving seat!

For further information on the McConnel Premier Owners Club please contact: Christian Davies, McConnel's Director of Sales & Marketing on: Tel: 01584 873131, Fax: 01584 876463 or Email:

Two new hedge and verge cutting machines

The New Power Arm 45


McConnel launch a New Economical Hedgetrimmer to fight off the cheaper imported products from the continent. The New Power Arm 45 has amconnell_45.jpg

The New PA45 has been designed with the styling of McConnel's latest generation of new look hedge and verge trimmers. The clean lined rear cover provides housing for the machines hydraulic components.

The New PA45 is fitted as standard with a Semi Independent Hydraulic system that uses the PTO to power the flail circuit and the tractors auxiliary supply to power the arm movements on the machine. A Hy-Performance hydraulic system enables maximum power to be supplied to the cutting head at all times to work in the toughest of conditions.

The New PA45 is fitted as standard with the farmers favourite cable control system for ease of operation and low maintenance costs.

The New PA45 comes complete with a 1.2m Supercut Flailhead with adjustable rear roller, adjustable front hood with built in wire trap as standard for a clean cutting finish. A choice of flails is also available to suit all cutting environments and conditions.

Safety on the New PA45 comes in the form of a safety hydraulic breakaway that is located on the dipper arm of the machine. This allows the arm of the hedgetrimmer to break back away from the obstacle that the flailhead has encountered. The flailhead will return back to work automatically once the obstacle has been passed.

The McConnel PA45 is a hedgetrimmer for Local Authorities and Golf Clubs, economical but very versatile.

Retail Price: £8,224

McConnel Reaches To New Heights


McConnel's, Europe's leading manufacturer of Power Arm Hedge 8 Verge Maintenance Machinery will be launching their longest reach Power Arm ever at this year's Smithfield Show.

The New McConnel PA8000 TT (8.0m Twin Telescopic) has a massive reach of 8.0m and has been designed from the requirements laid down by the UK's leading Local Authorities and Environmental Agencies for Waterway and Embankment vegetation maintenance.

The New PA8000 TT is suitable for mounting on tractors of over 5500KG in weight. The PA8000 TT machine bracket mounts onto the rear of the tractor using a 5-point hitch system for a rigid attachment. One person can carry out mounting and demounting of the PA8000 TT easily and safely within 10 minutes.

The major benefits of the New PA8000 TT are in the design and construction of the machines reach and dipper arms. Firstly the PA8000 arms are constructed using Domex steel to provide extra strength without adding any extra weight. The use of this material in the construction of the PA8000 arms increases the overall strength by 37% compared to the original design and saves 44KG in weight. These arms are tapered {similar to a JCB 3CX digger) and are seam welded for added strength. The PA8000 is fitted as standard with the McConnel's Parallel Arm geometry, which allows easy flailhead control in a horizontal plane, but also benefits from having good over fence clearance, as there are no rams to cause obstruction beneath the reach arm.

The PA8000 TT has a twin telescopic dipper arm arrangement that gives a massive 2.0m of arm extension from a very compact dipper arm structure. This unrivalled 'high reach' arm geometry benefits the operator by having all the benefits of a long 8.0m reach machine but with the overall compactness of a 6.0m reach machine for transport purposes and for working in close to the tractor in the tightest of working environments. This feature is unique to McConnel.

Fitted to the dipper arm of the PA8000 is the machines cutting head. The PA8000 is available with McConnel 1.2m belt drive, piston powered flailhead. This flailhead is powered by an 85HP piston motor, which supplies power to the heavy-duty wrap-around rotor shaft. Also standard on this flailhead are: rear flap kit, front hood kit and adjustable rear roller. A choice of cutting flails is also available.

From the back, the new PA8000 is easily recognised to be a member of the McConnel hedge / verge mower family as the machine has been designed to incorporate McConnel's 21" century stylish black covers that are complete with a integral rear lighting kit. This hinged, high impact rear cover provide clean housing to the machines mainframe and hydraulic components that include a high capacity oil cooler unit that is fitted as standard.

The main frame of the New PA8000 TT has been based on a similar design to McConnel's award winning PA550 and PA650 series. The frame is constructed using 180x180x10 RHS and 8.0mm pressings. The main 60mm diameter pivots have been spaced out and have been fitted with plastic bushes offering long life and high load bearing capacity. Metric hoses and 'Ermeto Dry-Technology' fittings are specified throughout for improved reliability.

The PA8000 TT is available with a Totally Independent Hydraulic system (Twin Pumps) complete with 'Electric' rotor rotation control from the tractor cab as standard. The machine is fitted with 85HP High Power, Piston pumps and motors for improved efficiency and 25% increased power for working in the toughest of conditions, especially grass mowing. This up-rated piston system is also fitted with a closed centre pump to supply the machines arm services. This allows a 90% increase of flow to the arm circuit whilst helping to reduce oil heating. This extra flow allows a significant increase in the speed of the machines arm movements.

The PA8000 TT is fitted with the contractors and Local Authorities favourite single joystick 'Digital' proportional control system. This easy to use control system benefits the operator by enabling precision control over the Power Arms movement's whist reducing operator fatigue.

Also available on this new series is McConnel's Triple Award winning 'Hands Free' Automatic Easy Drive Verge Floatation system (EDS). For those Local Authorities and contractors whose time means money, this system is a must! The benefits of having EDS fitted to the machine is that EDS increases the Power Arm's work rate when grass mowing by 100% (the ability to mow at speeds in excess of 12mph can be achieved). The EDS system once in operation works automatically, little operator involvement is required allowing the operator to place both hands on the steering wheel and focus on the job ahead, in turn reducing operator fatigue.

Prices Start From: £30,795

For further information, please contact: Christian Davies, McConnel's Director of Sales & Marketing on: Tel: 01584 873131, Fax:01584 876463 or Email:


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