New Steerable Self-propelled Aerator from Classen

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1790CL_TA25D_LB_AR_035.jpgClassen have launched a new 'steerable' pedestrian aerator, aimed specifically at small landscaping/ garden maintenance firms and the rental/ hire market.

The new model permits aerating to continue whilst making turns around bushes, trees or an irregular lawn edge. The 2 models, TA25D and TA17D, will cover 8,839 sq.m/hr and 5,893 sq.m/hr respectively and a coring depth of up to 7cm.

The split drive system also provides excellent control when aerating on slopes and gives a level of control during turns that cannot be matched by other similar sized aerators. The powered left/right control allows easing turning around obstructions and provides increased control on slopes and side hills.

The competitive pricing makes this an ideal product for rental, small sport clubs or landscape/garden contractors.

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