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By Dave Shaw

Visitors to the Scotts stand at Saltex were treated to a glimpse of the future of turf management - courtesy of the Scotts iTurf Weather Station. Scotts has developed the iTurf unit as a tool to help make the ideal of 'Integrated Turf Management' actually work in practice.

The idea behind Integrated Pest Management is to understand exactly what pest, disease and nutritional issues are likely to crop up, when they are likely to occur and where they are likely to be. This can then be related to a set of appropriate methods of remediation that include cultural practices.scottsiturf.jpg

Most managers unconsciously carry out some form of ITM to a greater or lesser degree, particularly when it comes to remediation, but where the approach often falls down is in accurate monitoring and data processing. This is where the new Scotts iTurf System will come into its own.

iTurf is a technological triumph; a system that will measure everything that can potentially have an effect on turf growth and turf health, and then collate and present the information so that the turf manager can make the right cultural decisions.

The Scotts iTurf comprises a series of stations and sensors, linked to a computer, that constantly monitors air and soil temperature, solar radiation, humidity, wind speed, leaf wetness, soil moisture, rainfall etc right across the site. This is exactly the kind of detail that the ITM practitioner requires at his fingertips, making the iTurf an essential piece of equipment for all turf managers who are interested in managing their turf in an environmentally friendly way.

One of the key features of the system is a 'disease prediction' programme that, having processed all the data, will alert greenkeepers and Groundsmen to the likelihood of disease infestation before it does any damage.

The potential benefits of iTurf are significant. In terms of the quality of the sward, managers can be confident that treatments applied are appropriate and optimal, resulting in maximum playability. A side benefit of the exercise, incidentally, is that expenditure on fertilizers and chemicals is almost invariably reduced, leading to enhanced efficiency and cost-savings.

Turf managers are advised to contact their Scotts area manager for a demonstration and details of the new iTurf System.

For further details please contact Dave Steward on Tel: 01473 830492 or e-mail

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