New Turfco Blower launched at BTME

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Torrent 1
Ransomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich-based commercial mower and turf maintenance equipment manufacturer, launched a new blower, at the BTME Show during Harrogate Week in January.

The Turfco Torrent is powerful all-purpose blower designed with significant input from golf course, sportsfield and grounds managers.

The patent-pending Turfco Torrent delivers unprecedented control over air speed, air direction, noise management and fuel consumption. This is a precision cleanup tool that can used year-round to give golf courses or grounds a new level of polish and playability.

In consultation with end users, it was established that power and airflow were important factors, but better that control and precision could lead to greater productivity.

As a result, the

Controller 1
Torrent features a faster, more precise nozzle rotation that's operated by a wireless, handheld controller with productivity-enhancing features.

The Torrent is also designed for durability. It's built on a heavy duty frame with a rugged draw bar and adjustable hitch. The one-piece nozzle is made of impact resistant, rotomoulded polyethylene.

The enclosed deck dramatically reduces debris pickup from below the blower, decreasing wear on the turbine and minimising overall dust and debris around the operator.

The wireless controller technology allows the operator to dial in the exact nozzle direction for optimal performance with fast, 360 degree nozzle rotation dramatically enhancing productivity and control.

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Multiple air speed settings make it quick and easy to increase or decrease blowing force, while a dedicated button allows the operator to idle down when people are near, and then quickly resume operation at the original setting once they clear the area. The controller also features a shutdown switch that stops the engine at the press of a button.

An optional auxiliary control kit is available should the wireless controller be lost or damaged. The operator simply flips a switch from wireless to auxiliary and can then control the machine's speed and direction.