New XP Tiller expands market potential!

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NEW DE LUXE TILLER DE THATCHER from MANTIS UKThe existing range of Mantis Tillers have been further enhanced with the introduction of the XP 16 inch 4-stroke Tiller model. This major product launch is timed for Spring 2013 and is set to attract a wider audience within the professional landscape and garden sectors. Building on the strength's of the Mantis Deluxe and Classic Tillers, the Mantis XP Tiller provides for eXcePtional versatility and value, all of which are synonymous with the Mantis family.

EXcePtional Prowess

This exceptional Mantis XP Tiller include handles which fold for convenient storage and a long life cast metal gearbox with metal gears. The Mantis XP Tiller is both easy to use and transport, with the full range of existing optional Mantis attachments being fully compatible. The Mantis XP has a tilling width of 16"/40cm and weighs 34 lbs. / 15.5 kg, and is powered by a 4-stroke Subaru 35 cc engine.

Quadruple benefits

All Mantis Tillers dig, till, cultivate and weed. Mantis tines are designed to dig down to a depth of 10"/25cm. Tines are reversible for a more shallow dig (up to 4"/10cm) for cultivating and weeding and the tines are guaranteed for life against breakage. Mantis Tiller/Cultivators can utilize a variety of optional attachments enabling the user to be able to aerate, de-thatch, plough and more with a single unit. All Mantis tillers are covered by the Mantis 5 year warranty. For nearly 30 years, Mantis has made gardening easier with its famous tiller/cultivators, dual-chamber composter, and many other gardener-friendly tools.

Whatever your age or ability, if you are digging, cultivating, weeding, aerating, de-thatching, ploughing, furrowing or edging your borders, there is a Tiller model in the Mantis range for you. (Dealer Opportunities exist).

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