Oldest smallest mower at Saltex

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The oldest smallest mower at Saltex

By Carol Dutton


The Lawn Company, from left - Mike, Kathy and Chris Seaton show off the oldest, and probably the smallest mower at Saltex.

Circa 1966, owned by a member of the British Lawn Mower Racing Association (BLMRA), and answering to the name of Suffolk Colt, this walk behind is a veteran and noble contender of many a BLMRA 12 hour race, the last of which The lawn Company sponsored.

Following the show, The Lawn Company are following up a healthy number of enquiries relating to maintenance of fine turf areas, and Mike Seaton reports great interest from Head Gardeners of privately run estates.

"Many of these professionals have had their budgets cut and are working with fewer members of staff," he explains. "Subsequently they're looking for help with autumn maintenance."

For further information on the services provided by The Lawn Company, Tel: 07000 481011

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