Pervade brings rapid relief to waterlogged turf

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Water logged before Pervade.jpgWaterlogged turf of any description, fairways, greens, football and rugby pitches and parks and gardens can benefit rapidly from Floratine's Pervade.

"Pervade is a penetrant rather than a retaining wetting agent and as long as the water has somewhere to go the product will bring almost immediate relief," says Floratine's European Technical Director David Snowden. "It is important to ACT NOW as flooded and waterlogged soils lose their air reserves, leading to less nutrient availability, and putting the grass under extreme stress. A weakened plant with a poor root system is susceptible to disease. Once the excess moisture has been removed from the soil, air reserves are replenished and provided the turf receives the correct nutrition and aeration treatment, it stands every chance of recovery before winter."

Pervade has the ability to cut through and permeate thatch, hydrophobic soil, wax, oil and retention agents designed to hold moisture. The product is 100% biodegradable and will not scorch turf.After Pervade.jpg

Available as a liquid to treat large waterlogged areas, or as 'Pervade Max' pellets, ideal for localised wet spots, bunkers, walk ways, compact areas, etc., Pervade was used extensively by Superintendent Pak Titan in the preparation of the Pentair Kapok Golf Course for the Indonesia Open last year, following the worst flooding on Jakarta for 30 years.

For further information contact David Snowden on Tel: 01765 658021, mobile 07799 036996, email or visit

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