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Dear 'Amenity Pesticide User'

Proposed EU Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides

As a member of the Amenity Forum, Headland Amenity would like to draw your attention to recent amendments from the EU Environment Committee to the above proposed directive which would result in the use of pesticides being prohibited in all public places. We understand that these amendments will be voted on in a plenary session during the week commencing 22nd October 2007. The Amenity Forum wish to draw to the attention of all users in the sector to the detrimental impact this would have on the sports, leisure, amenity, and landscape industries in the UK and urges you to oppose these amendments to the Directive.

As an amenity pesticide user you will know the strong benefits that pesticides can bring to your profession. You will also know that the UK already has robust statutory controls and a Government Code of Practice that regulates the use of pesticides in the amenity sector. There is also a pro-active Voluntary Initiative under which the Amenity Forum works closely with Government on the Amenity Action Plan component of the National Pesticides Strategy.

I urge you to oppose this directive by adding your name, signature, job title and organisation details to the attached letter which I request you print out and send back to me via fax (because of the postal strikes). You can also send them by post to the address below. I will gather all these letters and send to the European Parliament in Brussels

There is very little time left, please support your industry in this matter.

My fax number is: 01673 828171

Postal Address:
Mark De'Ath, Amenity Forum,
c/o Headland Amenity Limited,
1010 Cambourne Business Park,
CB23 6DP.

Thank you in anticipation of your early response

Mark De Ath
On behalf of the Amenity Forum

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