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Husq Stand Map BTME.jpgHusqvarna, the global leader in outdoor power equipment launches an innovative VIP service centered on profitable performance. The 'Husqvarna Performance Programme' delivers a premium after sales service for 3 years and is available to customers when purchasing the rotary front mower PT 26D.

At the heart of the programme is ensuring peace of mind for all PT 26D users. From time to time unexpected costs can arise for general maintenance and repair. This new method reduces these by maximising uptime through a one off, fixed fee and provides VIP service at all times.

In addition to having a locally skilled Husqvarna maintenance team on hand to service the machines, customers themselves receive training in elementary maintenance, so they can help keep their machines in tip top shape, boosting productivity.

The programme is divided into innovative components, each designed to increase effectiveness.

The cornerstone of this idea is the Maintenance Plan which has been carefully planned to track at various intervals which parts of the machine need servicing. Those signed up to Performance Programme will receive 30 hours of service work over 3 years (or 2000 hours, whichever comes first.) Furthermore, all labour, spare parts and consumables outlined in the service plan are included thus prolonging the machine's life.

The Husqvarna Web Portal will assist businesses large and small by giving subscribers their own digital service book and login, hosted via the Husqvarna service portal on the internet. Its cutting edge method keeps up to date with the machine's current detailed information. It provides a variety of options such as current contract status and all machinery history regarding services and repairs. It also sends automatic reminder emails to both the user and dealer prompting them when it's time for the next planned service.

The portal includes Runtime Tracker™, an analysis tool which automatically registers data which is transferred wirelessly to its digital service book. This information can be used to obtain a comprehensive overview on performance and indictates where the machine's effectiveness could be improved.

Other facets of the programme include VIP Service which gives priority to customers requiring assistance between scheduled services at their nearest authorised workshop.
And to give total reassurance, the Performance Programme gives an Extra Year of Warranty. This extends the standard two year warranty on the PT 26D, giving cover for up to 3 years or 2,000 operating hours protection against any problems caused by either material or manufaturing defects.

By following these user friendly steps, customers are assured of optimum productivity and profitability for their PT 26D usage.

All Husqvarna products are sold exclusively by qualified servicing dealers, many of who have worked professionally in forest, park and garden-related jobs. This guarantees that customers always receive the expert assistance they require, when buying a product as well as when needing service or repairs.

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