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queens wood Lakes and ponds require on-going attention to lessen the likelihood of algae growth and to maintain an active and healthy environment for living matter. Queenwood Golf Club in Surrey were well aware that the process of aeration would be the best method of achieving this when developing the course's four strategically positioned lakes.

They were also aware of the many options currently being offered to perform this function, varying from floating surface aerators with impressive fountain displays to bottom diffusers using an air compressor; neither approach being seen as totally ideal for installation at Queenwood as both needed a power source adjacent to the lakes. The aeration system offered by Kristal Klear Aerators appeared to provide a truly viable solution.

This belief has now been proved correct with eleven units currently installed across the four lakes. Course Manager, Cameron Mcmillan comments: "We commissioned Kristal Klear to install aerators in two of our lakes initially. After seeing them working we had no hesitation in installing further aerators in the remaining two lakes. Algae growth is being greatly controlled." queeens wood 2

The Kristal Klear Aeration diffusion system combines pressurised water that can be taken from either an existing irrigation system or via a stand alone pump unit with oxygen, delivering this through an interconnecting pipeline to the lake or pond bottom and creating large volumes of air bubbles that rise, bringing the oxygenated bottom water to the surface.

Resultant surface water movement also picks up more oxygen, further aiding the aeration process. Installation is straightforward, only requiring diffusers and interconnecting pipework to be placed on the bottom of the body of water - preferably in the deepest area. Kristal Klear Aerators are offered with many variations to the basic system, depending on the need of the particular body of water. As a guide, one diffuser is needed for every 400sq.m of water area.

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