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Two radically restyled rollers from the Poweroll range are to receive their official launch at this years Saltex exhibition. The Poweroll range of sports surface rollers are used on all standards of playing surface from county grounds to village clubs. Utilised on cricket wickets, hockey and football pitches, as well as lawn and clay tennis courts.

Poweroll models '12' and '15' have been on the market since 2000 and have formed the backbone of the company's output of grass rollers. Whilst retaining the overall weight and mechanical specifications of the previous models, the new 2010 specification rollers have, amongst other modifications, improved visibility for the operator.

The radical new sloping front panel enables the operator whilst seated to see the ground only 3ft away from the machine, removing most of the guesswork for lining up the offside wicket edge.

Rear visibility to ground level is also improved to just 18" from the machine. A 6" reduction in overall length means that these new machines can be transported on an 8ft trailer and is, therefore, ideal for contractors and local authorities.

In addition, being shorter in length will now enable them to take less room in sheds, where space is usually at a premium. Other improvements are for the access to the engine and transmission, where most maintenance procedures can be carried out without the need to remove the seat panel.

The other machines in the range comprise the Poweroll '5' for smaller jobs, the affordable 'Club' roller, which is competitively priced and therefore extremely popular. The 'Club' roller remains unaltered for next year, as does the top of the range Poweroll 'County.' Owners of the 'Club' roller are consistently impressed by the quality of the wickets prepared with this diminutive machine.

Owners of the 'County' roller aren't so impressed. Yes - really, they're buying the best grounds roller available, so the superb results come as no surprise!

Most importantly in these uncertain economic times is that prices remain unchanged throughout the entire Poweroll range for the foreseeable future. For more information on the re-styled models or details of the other models in the Poweroll range, please contact Power Precision & Fabrication Ltd on 01822 832608 or email sales@poweroll.com or visit the website www.poweroll.com or see us at the show stand DAA 15/16.

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