Professional turns to Plugger 850 for aeration on the sloped lawns of Bexhill

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Graham Austin with Plugger 850 2.JPGProfessional turns to Plugger 850 for aeration on the sloped lawns of Bexhill

When Graham Austin launched his lawn care service in the seaside town of Bexhill in East Sussex four years ago he quickly gained many customers through word of mouth.

With a reputation for excellence he gathered some major contracts - including many gardens surrounding blocks of flats on sloped landscapes.

Keeping the lawns aerated was becoming a tough job on the clay soil in the area and he knew he would have to invest in reliable machinery to do the job.

"I had seen the Plugger in action and knew it was just the machine for me," says Graham.

"The advice and guidance given by DJ Turfcare pointed me towards the 850 model - its manoeuvrabilty round trees and obstacles is a major advantage for the landscapes I am working on."

The Plugger 850, with both hollow and solid tines available, has hydrostatic drive and is a tough machine that Graham finds easy to transport - driving up and down ramps into his van.

"All my clients have lawns that are on slopes and this makes it even more essential to have full control over the machine," says Graham.

"The effect of regular plugging has been to allow water and fertilisers to reach the roots and the strength of the grass has improved tremendously.

"I treat every client's lawn like I do my own garden and the results are as professional as those of greenkeepers."

Plugger 850 in action hollow tines close-up.JPGGraham was a technical manager with a plastics company until four years ago - but he wanted to work outdoors and had a keen interest in golf, turf management and landscaping.

"Building up the business has been an exciting time and I am pretty well working flat out most of the year," says Graham.

"The Plugger 850 has made life a lot easier for me and is producing stunning results on the lawns.

"Some of my new clients have come to me after seeing the dramatic improvements on lawns I have worked on.

"Because they are all very visible and in quite public places it is essential that I produce the best results - and there is no substitute for good aeration.

"The Plugger 850 is a machine I would recommend to any turf professional - particularly if you have slopes and obstacles like those I have to cope with."

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