Ransomes HR 3300T Out in Front Rotary Mower

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Ransomes-HR-3300T-Sunrise.jpgDesigned with significant customer input to target the UK & European municipal and contractor markets

The R&D programme behind the launch of this new machine has been unprecedented with Voice of the Customer (VOC) research driving all stages of the design process.

Better mowing efficiency, more evenly dispersed grass clippings, the ability to cut a wide variety of grass, low maintenance, operator storage, reduced noise and vibration and better operator ergonomics were all areas identified by the VOC research.

The design and product development team at Ransomes Jacobsen are totally confident that with the HR 3300T they have responded to and, in most cases, exceeded expectations in each of these areas.

Better mowing efficiency :- By utilising three, independent hydraulic deck motors 'lazy blade' syndrome, which is caused by slippage on belt-driven decks, is eliminated. Blade tip speed is constant, which improves the quality of cut and overall performance of the mowing deck.

Evenly dispersed grass clippings :- The wide, unobstructed mower rear discharge chutes ensure the even ejection of cut grass. In addition, the forward speed of the machine aids the even dispersal of the clippings without compromising the tough legislation requirements relating to thrown objects and foot probe.

Cut a wide variety of grass :- The mowing deck and the tractor unit are perfectly matched to provide the best possible performance in the widest range of conditions. The deck structure is reinforced with strengthening bars which enables it to withstand the enormous G forces when negotiating rough ground. This also helps to reduce weight which, in turn, increases fuel economy and aids manoeuvrability.Ransomes-HR-3300T-Front.jpg

Low maintenance :-The use of hydraulic drive, as opposed to shaft and belt drive, results in fewer moving parts; it also eliminates the need for belt adjustments, slippage issues and time and cost of replacement. With no spindle bearings, idler shafts or PTO shafts to lubricate and no gearbox oil to check, routine maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum. In fact, there are 50% less lubrication points than similar machines.

Operator storage :- When speaking to operators, one of the most significant points raised was the general lack of storage on all machines for items such as food, wet weather clothing, tools and other essential items. Ransomes Jacobsen's design engineers have overcome this important issue with storage pods mounted centrally under the chassis and storage racks located over the fuel and hydraulic oil tanks on either side of the machine.

Reduced noise and vibration :- Again, hydraulic drive comes into its own reducing noise and vibration to just 85.5 dB at ear level, that's better than the competition with John Deere at 86 dB and Kubota at 89 dB, when comparing similar machines. Hand and arm vibration levels are at 0.4 m/s2, compared to the maximum level of 2.5 m/s2 required by the relevant standard.

Better operator ergonomics :-Operators have featured highly in the VOC of the HR 3300T and why not? They are the people that spend every day in the seat, so their opinion is highly valued. Various control unit designs were tested and evaluated before the final design was adopted.

The result is a control pod mounted at the end of the seat arm rest. This allows for effortless, comfortable finger-tip control with a one-touch joystick lift and lower action and push-button weight transfer mechanism, when additional traction is required. Machine fault and cutting performance indicator lamps are also integral to the control pod, in line with operators' vision minimising distraction and head motion.

A bank of additional controls is located beside the operator seat and includes the engine stop/start; emergency cut out switch; attachment PTO on/off switch, parking brake switch; fuel gauge and temperature gauge.

With an adjustable back rest and lumbar support, the contoured suspension seat with armrests is perfect for comfortable, day-long operation. If that's not enough, there is also an optional air-suspension seat available. Hydrostatic steering eases operator fatigue and the steering column rake can be adjusted to provide the most comfortable operating position.

Ransomes-HR-3300T-Rear.jpgOther features and benefits :- The mowing deck has large anti-scalp rollers, which provides better stability over uneven ground while reducing rolling resistance and any threat of turf damage. Bolt-on mountings, as opposed to welded mounts, allow for easy removal and replacement, if damaged. A large central roller reduces deck and turf damage, especially when in low heights of cut.

With its 18cm (7") kerb climbing ability, the HR 3300T is easy to transport and move from one mowing area to another. Offset caster wheels provide better edge trimming on verges and longer lift arms give improved ground following. With a transport speed of 25km/h (15mph) it's almost 39% faster to the next job than the average 18km/h (11 mph) of competitors' out-front rotaries.

A powerful 33hp Kubota turbo-charged, 3 cylinder, in-line diesel engine, with proven reliability provides an economical and quiet powerplant, with enough muscle to get the job done. Four-wheel drive is standard and automatically engages when front-wheel slip is detected: this results in less tyre wear and less turf damage especially when turning.

Leaking hydraulic fluid can damage turf as well as unnecessarily pollute the soil and ground water. The HR 3300T features Greenscare 46 biodegradable hydraulic fluid, minimising damage to turf and reducing the danger of pollution from leaks and spillages should they occur.

Finger tip controls, lightly weighted pedal feel, adjustable seats and steering all aid operator comfort. There are on average 58% fewer foot and hand operated levers and pedals compared to competitors in the sector. This again reduces fatigue and encourages the operator to easily make adjustments to suit conditions. The tried and tested Sauer Danfoss Plus 1® electronic chassis management system is used to give the operator integrated control of the major functions:

· Engine start sequence including auto glow plug when required
· Engaging and disengaging attachments
· Engaging and disengaging the parking brake

A range of Ransomes Jacobsen approved accessories will be available to further improve the effectiveness of the HR 3300T. These include the following:

· Choice of 1.53m (60") or 1.82m (72") rear discharge deck
· 1.53m (60") turf flail mower
· ROPS Frame tested to OECD Code 4
· ROPS Cab tested to OECD Code 4
· Underbelly storage bins
· Tank top storage racks
· Fully approved road lighting. Projector lens headlights, LED (long life) side lights, direction indicators and rear lights
· Rotating beacon kit
· Snow Blade (Supplied by GMR Maskiner, available in the UK via RJL, available via GMR distribution in other European countries)
· Power brush (Supplied by GMR Maskiner, available in the UK via RJL, available via GMR distribution in other European countries)
· Maxxis high puncture resistance tyres (Kevlar equivalent).

Ransomes Jacobsen is a subsidiary of Textron Inc., an $11 billion multi-industry company operating in 32 countries with approximately 40,000 employees. The company leverages its global network of aircraft, industrial and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative solutions and services. Textron is known around the world for its powerful brands such as Bell Helicopter, Cessna Aircraft, Jacobsen, Kautex, Lycoming, E-Z-GO, Greenlee, Fluid & Power, Textron Systems and Textron Financial Corporation. More information is available at www.textron.com.

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