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RANSOMES JACOBSEN purchase manufacturing rights to french electric vehicle

Havering Diabline1.jpgRansomes Jacobsen, the Ipswich-based manufacturer of turf maintenance equipment, compact sweepers and small utility vehicles has purchased the design, manufacturing and world wide distribution rights of the former Fior Diabline electric burden and passenger vehicle from Nogaro Technologies based in Nogaro near Toulouse in France.

Steve Chicken, Managing Director of Ransomes Jacobsen said,

"At Ransomes Jacobsen we believe that the way forward is to provide our customers with a range of products that reflects both their environmental commitment and that of our company. This latest acquisition demonstrates that Ransomes Jacobsen is determined to provide products, which are both highly productive and are also friendly to the environment. Not only that, through our ISO 14001 accreditation we will ensure that our manufacturing practices reflect environmental best practice and responsible management.

"The acquisition of Diabline extends our product offering to specialist industry sectors and broadens our core business from the turf maintenance industry. We have been test marketing the Diabline under our Cushman brand for the past two years and it has proved to be a very successful addition to our product range.

"We know that there is a growing niche for specialist, purpose-designed, road legal electric vehicles and this has been proven with sales to local authorities and their contractors for litter collection and maintenance duties in parks, gardens and inner city areas. Logistics companies have purchased Diabline for moving documents and small freight in emission sensitive areas and passenger terminal operators for moving people and baggage."

"This acquisition is also a great boost for our employees as it again demonstrates that we have a viable and productive business in Ipswich and are determined to continue moving forward for the benefit of everyone."

The Diabline electric utility vehicle has been designed with the 'electric' future in mind. It is the first all-electric vehicle with an aluminium monocoque chassis and integrated hydro-pneumatic suspension developed from racetrack competition technology. The use of this modern technology results in an exceptionally light, strong and stable load-carrying unit.

The standard model is equipped with a 48v battery pack providing a loaded vehicle with an approximate range of 30 miles dependent on terrain and number of stop/starts. The range can be extended with a unique, optional Bi-energy version. With the specially designed petrol or LPG driven generator the vehicle is capable of 200kms or 124 miles, using a combination of stored and generated electricity.

A range of body solutions is available including the standard load bed with unique low loading centre section accessible via side ramps; a side loading lift platform van; a drop side tipper available with litter cage and a standard van box. The vehicle has a patented tow hitch which accepts standard trailers.

Richard Comely, Product Manager for the Diabline said,

"The Diabline is aimed at the modern, urban utility market. It arrives on the market as city centres strive to meet emission regulations of the future. Its practical, simple design will attract municipalities, mail delivery and inner city logistic companies, airport and passenger terminal handling agents, airlines and theme park operators among many other users. It is also Powershift approved in the UK, which means that grants are available to assist with the purchase of vehicles that run on alternative fuel. Whole life running costs are proven to be less than an equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle"

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