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controllerUsing a low cost PAYG mobile phone as a receiver, the Tonick TW3 irrigation controller may be remotely controlled from any other mobile phone.

The Sony Ericsson SPIRO is one such mobile phone that is suitable. It costs a little over £50 as a Pay As You Go (PAYG) from the major phone suppliers.

The phone should be configured to auto-answer only on phone numbers in its contact list. This prevents malicious callers operating the irrigation system.

A low cost cable from Tonick is then plugged into the 'Walkman' socket to feed the 'Remote Control' terminals in the TW3.

The phone's charger is left permanently connected so the battery never runs down. A dashboard mount can be used to secure the phone on the wall next to the controller.

With the phone thus installed, the designated mobile phone(s) can dial the receiver and once connected, a simple sequence of digits pressed on the sending phone's keyboard will operate a station, a series of stations or (using TW3 V2.x up firmware) put the controller from RUN to SYSTEM OFF and vice verse.

phoneThere is no need to remain connected whilst watering is taking place, only to send the command key presses. After this, the call may be terminated until another command is needed.

If the optional cable is chosen with a microphone built-in, the caller can confirm the pumps are running, providing the controller is mounted nearby.

With PAYG, it is necessary to make one call every 3 months to keep the SIM current. This need only be a few seconds long and to one of the numbers in the contact list. Alternatively, if the phone is on contract, this is not a requirement.

The TW3 controller comes in three versions.

1 single 2/3 wire path. Decoder type factory configurable:
TW/2W: 1-127 Tonick TW/2W, 'Watermation' decoders
TW/TOR: 1-99 Toro SC3000/Trident, 3 wire decoders
TW/GEM: 1-95 Gemini decoders, which can be mixed with and extended to 127 stations using Tonick TW/2W decoders

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