Revolution in Harrogate

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Revolution in Harrogate

Following the successful launch of the Revolution surfactant in September 2004, Supaturf Products have chosen BTME as the official launch pad to the U.K. Golf Course Management Sector.

The development of Revolution marked the culmination of five years of the latest research and development undertaken by the Aquatrols Corporation of America. This outstanding new product has patent pending and has been rigorously tested. Images are available which clearly underline the difference in areas treated and untreated with Revolution.

Revolution has also been been launched in Europe over the past few months.

This new class of block copolymer chemistry has been carefully engineered to provide a solid foundation for successful turf management, and is an essential tool for protecting turf against damage caused by environmental and cultural stresses. Revolution is a safe, reliable way to comprehensively maintain quality turf conditions throughout the season.

The amount of stress placed on today's greens is greater than ever. Increased traffic and the demand for faster greens speeds, coupled with heat and water stress, pushes turf beyond its physiological limitations. For turf professionals, maintaining quality turf under a variety of stresses is their greatest challenge, and establishing control over the growing environment is the key to their success. Revolution provides control of rootzone conditions so that turf can perform to its greatest potential. It will withstand daily abuse better, use water more efficiently, and look spectacular even at the height of summer.

On stand A27, representatives of both Aquatrols, and Supaturf will be on hand to answer any questions visitors may have.

As part of the established Supaturf portfolio, the Evenspray range of spreaders will also be shown. The Evenspray 300 is equipped with a 3 litre holding tank, a foldable and adjustable spray boom, user spray pressure control and an optional hand lance.

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