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Taking his golf clubs to bed

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It's a funny old world, they say, and there's nothing funnier than the thinking process behind the latest golfing brainwave - because it all started in bed!

Games played on grass-covered surfaces have spawned as many turf-saving solutions and problem-solving inventors as the industrial revolution did for humanity, yet until now no one has found the answer to solving shock pain created by
taking a divot.

Playing on rain-softened natural grass is OK; otherwise it's a case of hit and wince, especially for those suffering with arthritis.truestrike.bmp

Philip Sear owns a printing company and loves golf. When time is precious he frequents driving ranges, and is not above whacking over 200 balls in one session. But it hurts. "It all started five years ago," he explained. "I was forever hurting myself using the solid based synthetic mats at my local range. One night, after a particularly painful session, I decided to experiment, hitting random balls from my waterbed, just to see how it might feel. From the first few shots, I knew I had struck more than just a few balls; I'd found the solution."

After further experimentation, his invention, known now as TrueStrike Fairway Forgiveness, came to be manufactured. Sear believes it will turn range performance into an art form. The secret is in the striking area, which makes use of a 'ruckable' top surface, working in conjunction with a divot simulating subsurface, in turn producing a strike area that feels and plays just like a natural fairway - which is where 'fairway forgiveness' comes in.

Exposed to the public for the very first time, the TrueStrike Fairway Forgiveness golf mat will be seen - and tried - at the upcoming 2004 PGA trade show in Orlando, Florida, where a netted hitting area and simulated bunker will allow players to fully test its remarkable features. This innovative company also will have mats in play at 15 other driving range bays at the Conference
Centre, each complementary to the testing areas of the show.

For further details please e-mail TrueStrike at

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