RFU appoint TTS to help raise standards

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RFU appoints TTS to help raise pitch standards

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THE Rugby Football Union (RFU) has appointed Total Turf Solutions (TTS) as consultants to implement a major initiative designed to improve playing surfaces at 'grass roots' level.

Working in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Sport England, the RFU have been allocated £9.4m over the next 3 years to improve community rugby facilities. Part of the allocated funding will be targeted at improving playing surfaces.KeithKent2.jpg

"For far too long grass roots rugby has been played on inferior pitches and has cried out for such help," says Keith Kent, Head Groundsman at the RFU Twickenham Stadium.

"This initiative is an honest, open attempt to improve pitches across the country".

51 clubs have been invited to take part in the Community Club Development Programme to improve their playing surfaces. Each site will be assessed on its current level of playing surface and, importantly, the grounds maintenance infrastructure.

David Bates, Technical Director of the independent sports turf consultancy Total Turf Solutions says: "Our wealth of experience in sports and groundsmanship means we can supply both technical and practical experience to this key initiative to improve playing surfaces."

For more information please contact David Bates onTel: 01604 750555, mobile: 07973 885 775 or email db@totalturfsolutions.co.uk

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