Rink topdresser makes light work of spreading

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Rink DS 800 2.jpgTopdressing is becoming an increasingly demanding operation, with groundsmen and greenkeepers wishing to apply materials ranging from sand and soil to compost to the sward at different times of year and in various densities.

The Rink topdresser range from Charterhouse Turf Machinery is ideal for discerning turf managers, and the DS800 towed model offers generous capacity and outstanding versatility.

Dual spinners offer a variable spread pattern, and along with the belt are operated from the tractor seat via the hydraulics, giving spread widths up to 12m. Conveniently operated from the driver's seat, the spreading equipment is driven via a gearbox with a hydraulic motor for the conveyor and each spinner, and speed can be adjusted using a flow divider.

Spreading density and rate is controlled by a combination of belt and spinner speed and the tractor's forward speed. This allows applications to be varied from a very light covering to a heavy blanket of dressing if required.

An automatically closing feed gate gives a rapid shut off of material at the end of a run, eliminating material wastage. Redesigned spinners give an improved throw of material, allowing the DS800 to spread even wet dressings with exceptional ease.

Suitable for towing behind a compact tractor of 30hp - no need for heavy higher horsepower units- the DS800 is mounted on low ground pressure tyres to protect sensitive turf. Easily loaded with a height of 1.05m, its capacity is 0.80cu.m, sufficient for a 1500kg load.

The DS800 is also available for mounting to a utility vehicle, an ideal configuration for golf courses. Optimum weight distribution can be achieved by the positioning of the spreading body in the vehicle's load area, and its low ground pressure tyres avoid turf damage.

Whatever the material or application requirement, the Rink DS800 offers a flexible, accurate top dressing solution.

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