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rollers1.jpgGriff & Coton Cricket Club Groundsman, Dave Button, was delighted to take delivery of a new, limited edition, Union Flag Auto Roller from Autoguide Equipment Ltd recently.

Griff & Coton CC have received funding from the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and Awards for All to meet the cost of a brand new Roller for the Griff & Coton ground.

Griff & Coton is a designated ECB Focus Club and has therefore been able to attract the funding from the ECB and Awards for All to enable it to maintain the improvement in its facilities. The Griff & Coton square was relaid two years ago and the new roller will help groundsman Dave Button keep the square in tip-top shape and produce top rollers2.jpgquality wickets for play and practice.

Chairman Stan Holland said "This is great news for the Club. Our old roller was past its sell-by-date and we couldn't have afforded such a piece of equipment on our own. The ECB are convinced that we are moving forward and providing the sort of services which the local community need so they are willing to put their hands in their pockets to help us achieve our common targets. We are also very grateful to Awards for All, who have been a consistent supporter of our efforts."

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