Scarifier extends The Grass Group’s professional machinery line

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VCU120.jpgThe Grass Group presented an exciting new product from renowned turf machinery manufacturer Trilo at BTME.

Greenkeepers are well aware of the benefits of scarification on fine turf, where it removes thatch and tidies up unwanted lateral growth. The operation encourages healthy growth and maintains the appearance of greens and tees throughout a busy playing season.

The process also improves surface penetration by water and enhances airflow around the plant which minimises the potential for disease.

Finding the right machine can be tricky - pedestrian scarifiers make it a time consuming job and can suffer from wear and tear with a heavy workload. On fine turf, tractor mounted machines can be heavy and cumbersome.

Trilo's new VCU 120, however, has a working width of 1.2m - ideal for greens and tees - and weighs in at just 225kg, teaming up ideally with compact tractors. A slightly offset design allows working right up to the edge of the green or tee without risking damage by the tyres.

Spacing for the rugged tungsten tipped blades is 50mm as standard, but can be swapped to 25mm for greater intensity and working depth is to a maximum of 50mm, for effective, clean scarification that will be an asset on any golf course.

The Grass Group's Progressive Pro Flex 120 rotary contour mower is another winner for golf. Ideal for producing a fine finish on fairways and surrounds without the risk of scalping, the Pro Flex 120 shares its PTO shaft, running gear, blade spindle assembly and drivetrain with the renowned Tri-Deck Series.

With a high blade tip speed for a top quality cut, the mower decks are equipped with shock absorbers to prevent the deck bouncing and allow cutting as speeds up to 10kph. The full frame design allows cutting to continue while reversing, further boosting productivity.

Individual decks hug ground contours, floating fore and aft as well as side to side, giving a superb cut on the most undulating course. Outer wings fold for transport, and with the two exterior decks raised, the remaining three can continue to cut, allowing more restricted areas to be maintained.

A great finish is assured by the use of adjustable discharge deflectors for an even spread of clippings.

Cut width is 3m for high workrates, reducing to 2.44m in transit and cut height is easily adjusted to meet requirements from 2cm to 8.25cm.

The Grass Group continues to focus on innovative new machinery to make the greenkeeper's life easier.

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