SCH design specific 450 mm wide sprayer

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Protor Sprayer 1 (4).JPGSCH (Supplies) Ltd was asked if they had in their range a sprayer with an overall width of no more than 450mm (18inches). The sprayer was needed to spray in between seed beds where the access paths could only accommodate a sprayer of 450mm (18inches). SCH were keen to oblige and before the telephone conversation was terminated a special sprayer was designed.

The spray boom was sheathed in an anti-drift guard. A hand held brass trigger was supplied with a wandering spray hose.

SCH will endeavour to make special "one-off" machines to customers' wishes.

The comprehensive and very interesting catalogue they produce is well worth a browse through. The products are many and diverse.

For a free copy of their latest catalogue or if you would like to discuss special requirements contact SCH (Supplies) Ltd on 01473 328272 or visit their website,

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